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The 2012 Georgia Coastal – Jacksonville AAU Super Regional was a sea of Brevard Elite blue as the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Teams went to battle the first time this season.

I can’t say enough about both the organization’s showing and the outcome overall by our teams. Brevard County was represented not only in sheer number of teams but the quality of competitiveness.

The results speak for themselves…

4th Grade Tournament Championship Runner-ups
5th Grade 3rd Place w/ a short handed squad
6th Grade Tournament Championship Runner-ups
7th Grade Tournament Champions
8th Grade Tournament Champions

Congratulations to ALL our teams, players, coaches, and parent support systems. Our first and second place teams have automatically earned their first bids for the AAU National Championships.

Congratulations to Brevard County for whom we play and represent and our hats off to Palm Bay’s Elite team who the 8th grade team faced in the Championship game, these are all great young people for who collectively did Brevard County proud this day.


The Brevard Elite AAU Championship Basketball program is based in Cocoa, Florida. Our objective is to excel at the ultimate level. Our focus is to have highly competitive teams with a strong focus on fundamentals and team work.

The objective of Brevard Elite is to maximize our players’ skills and provide them the opportunity to play at the Next Level. We want to provide them the opportunity to play in front of college coaches starting in 8th grade at NCAA registered events and ultimately receive a College Basketball Scholarship – if that is their goal.

Our program has grown over the past two seasons to 8 teams and our primary focus is to provide quality coaching, training, and attract quality players. In Fall 2012 our program is scheduled to expand at the All New Cocoa Expo Center (under construction) to 24 teams including 3rd-11th grade boys Div1 & Div2, plus girls teams in various categories. Announcements about tryouts for these teams and launch of High School Leagues, Events, and Camps this Fall will circulate periodically or you always check back at our website for more information 24×7.

Players can obtain a roster spot by way of tryout or invitation. Players who did not get a roster spot this travel season are encouraged to join our local Brevard Jr Magic ( program which is also competitive, so they may both have fun and continue to develop their skills.

Additionally, Brevard Elite development camps, exposure events, and national brand camps/events are currently being schedule in 2012. If you did not make an Elite roster, and/or local competition with Brevard Jr Magic is just not enough, and therefore are determined to join a travel club anyway, feel free to contact us by email and we will send you contact information for other AAU/USSSA travel clubs in Brevard County.

Additionally, if you are a basketball coach, travel club, sanctioned organization, camps/leagues, or event planner interested in the All New Cocoa Expo Center please email me at for more information about this amazing new 11-court facility!


The primary lesson in Basketball is similar to that in your own life…“Play Your Game”. Because when you try to force plays, shots, emotions, and risk everything to adjust, you become exposed. The game starts to slip away because your reactive and no longer proactive for you, your coach, and your team.

Beyond basketball, and as adults we continue this struggle in real life. Today, I personally face this …as the leadership from the former youth league our family played for and worked hard for “unconditionally” at every level continues to circulate propaganda after a year now about how; we either steal players, steal coaches, practice gyms and finally today have “hacked their website to cause harm”.

Again, for over a year now, I have ignored this rhetoric because I know kids and their parents cannot be stolen, they choose to play where they want, coaches cannot be stolen, they also choose to teach/coach where they want. My partners and I purchased the Expo to put in $25M renovations to make it better for every child in this county, so didn’t steal that either. I ignored all this rumor mill talk and Played My Game, with integrity (that’s how its spelled by BTW) nor did me, my family or coaches ever talk bad about that organization, because we still have near and dear friends in that organization.

Now today…an email circulated throughout Brevard County’s Basketball Community…with this statement

“I just uncovered some disturbing news that has been hacked by an organization that desire to cause harm to the Brevard Bulls Organization and its interity.” (followed by a descriptive about Brevard Elite)- Steve Hughes

Therefore, here’s where the quicksand comes in…..when it comes to hacking someone’s website that is both impossible when the Brevard Bulls Organization ( never owned the domain name. That was a domain I paid premium dollars for back in Aug 2010 when our family was still with the Bulls, was to be used on the Bulls website which I managed and paid for and Steve was too cheap to buy it from me (for what I paid for it) prior to when we split away from the organization months afterwards.

Our organization has been called out by name in print, our players, parents, and coaches have been insulted by these activities. Calls have instantly come into to me today to react in harsh manners, but that is not necessary.

Today we are seeing the short end grasp of the rope representing an endless string of character flaws and poor judgement. This is not good offense nor defense, this is what quicksand will do to desperate people, players, and yes even coaches. Forgive your brother, as God would. Play Your Game… all you players, families and friends of all Brevard Youth Sports Organizations…its for the kids, its not for the adults. Its hard enough being a child, teen, young person these days…the lesson here is be yourself, make the best decisions you can and Play Your Game!



Registration Open – Limited Spots Available Boys 3rd-8th Grade(s)

What: 1st Annual Martin Luther King Season Tip-off Classic 2012. Plus… National BBQ Champs will cook-off for great meal choices and medals will be awarded to the first and second place finishers. Come enjoy a great weekend of basketball, BBQ, and more importantly the unity of fine young man.

Why: This is a Unity Event and focused on getting your teams ready for the 2012 Basketball Season. It is a Non-Sanctioned Event, therefore AAU, USSSA, YBOA, YMCA, PAL, Park & Rec teams are ALL Welcome! A Great Way To Kick off the season and see where you are at with your team.

Who & How Much: Boys Basketball, Grades 3rd-8th and Limited to 6 teams per Division….so Hurry! 3 Game Minimum Guarantee and only $225 per team. Easy Check-in at the Host Hotel, Includes 4 Coaches passes and games are played in One location! Beautiful Cocoa Beach, Florida….


For all details…Please see the attached flyer

The document 2012 MLK Tournament was attached to this post.


What: Organization Meeting
Player & 1 Parent/Guardian
Where: Holiday Inn Express – Cocoa
301 Tucker Lane (I-95 & 520)
When: Sunday, Dec 18th 3pm Sharp
Please Arrive 10mins Early
Why: Review League Schedule
Team & AAU Rules
Travel Plans & Understanding
Player/Parent Requirements
Collect Materials & Signatures
Parent/Player Questions & Answers

MUST BRING: Copy of Birth Certificate, Last
Report Card, and Headshot Picture.