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Brevard County Florida’s Youth Basketball heritage walks a little prouder and louder today with this announcement. Brevard Elite’s 6th Grade Boys team Coached by Richard Stewart placed 9th in the AAU Boys National Championships. Thus, finish the season ranked 9th in the Nation in AAU & 3rd in YBOA.

For those of you who are within our competitive basketball community, you know exactly just how hard these players, coaches and parents worked to achieve such a great accomplishment. Many tournaments, many qualifiers, many nights practicing and the many nights in hotels, all end at this place for all the marbles. From the time you walk into the massive structure in Hampton Virginia known as the the Boo Williams Complex, you can smell the history of great players who are now among the best college and professional athletes.

68 State Championship Teams and Super Regional Championship Winners walked thru those doors, the best of the best, the festivities begin starting off with a parade of teams to a massive crowd just like the opening Olympics, and then the next morning its tip-off. You play every game that entire week to the very end, against the best in hopes of playing on Sunday in the Championship rounds. Many come, many go home before then and the few left share the top Sweet 16 spots and bring home the “hardware” (trophies, to the newbees). That is just what this Brevard Elite 6th Boys team did, not only did they play to the end…they finished in the Top 10 in the NATION.

The 6th Grade National Team is…John Stewart, Quinton Crawford, Colin Brown, Tyler Forde, Giovanni Hernandez, Kai Libord, and Jonathan Walker.

Additional players who played with the team this season, made huge contributions but unfortunately weren’t able make the trip to Nationals are Keondre Biggs and Bryan Sanders.

Knowing you played the absolute best and that you played your best, that day, is all you can ask of a team. This team lost to the Team who won the entire tournament. That is what playing “Elite” basketbvall is all about.

So regardless if you are a competitive player on another team, someone new who’s been wanting to play basketball who is inspired by this, a middle school coach seeking players, an aquaintence who may know these boys or just a person from Brevard County who’s proud to be from Brevard….show these guys some love, a handshake, pat on the back, and some respect. They definitely earned it!

Their contribution compounded with our other two teams this year has put Brevard County on the recruiter/scouting map in 1 year as a Organization. I have received over 10 calls from scouting groups, overseas FIBA represenatives wanting to schedule us next summer to play in Europe, other popular orgnizations wanting to partner with us…. and while they did this for them, they also did this for you…and especially those up-in-coming Brevard players who will now have the opportunity to be seen in the future for opportunities to go to college someday. The one’s who are reading about basketball here for the first time!

Brevard Elite Basketball is their Dream = Determination, Respect, Effort, Accomplish, Motivation. The highest amount and most sincerest of “Congratulations” goes out to this Team for their complishments from The Brevard Elite Basketball Organization. As the Director, I and the other players, coaches, and parents “Thank You” and respect everything you did for this organization. Good Luck in the upcoming middle school season and can’t wait to get rolling next year! Go Elite!


89 of the Nations Absolute Best 7th Grade “Division 1” Basketball Teams including all State & Regional Champions descended upon the AAU National Championships in Memphis Tennessee last Sunday June 26th and played all week thru to late Sunday July 3rd. Although having won many Regional Championships in Miami/Ft Laud, Tampa, Jax/So. Georgia, and a second place in the State Championships…our first year Brevard Elite team entered seated 79th behind the nations best.

This very special group of young men were placed in the hardest pool (measured by the other 3 teams finishing in the top 14 in nation, no other pool shared such caliber of teams), they took some early losses and yet fought back to win 5 straight to earn a final four berth in the Classic Bracket. They didn’t go home Thursday, Friday, Saturday like the many others…they played all the way until Sunday, something every coach teaches and looks forward too.

At the end…this team ranked 79th in the nation going in, came out ranked number 20th! This achievement is both impressive and honorable to themselves as young men, their families, the organization, and especially Brevard County.

It was one of the hardest decisions I had ever made to direct, push, and promote these boys into the Division 1 AAU arena, as that is the pinnacle of youth basketball. They believed in Coach Fuzz, Ms Mobley’s very hard training methods, and me, thus worked very hard to accomplish something very important, and today they walk a little taller as they are true Division 1 Champions. On the ride home they talked about what they need to do to get better next year, and now know what it takes to compete at the highest level both on and off the court. Lessons run deep under the big show spotlight and with 6.5-6.8ft 13-14 year olds slamming down on you, you must learn and adjust as you go!

Sorry for the long story, but the smallest team, from the smallest demographic to pull players from compared to these big city/state teams…showed many teams, coaches, recruiters, scouts, AAU directors, etc… that you can achieve big goals with big hearts and even stronger will. We all wanted more, felt we could have come in top 10, but that’s just our hearts wanting for more than their bodies and skill levels today, could handle.

When you see these boys, show them a little love, as they left “who is Brevard County” tattooed in the minds of the many big team players/orgs out there who tattooed them back with bruises as a reminder of the war they fought this past week. The decision was hard, but the right one…..We start preparing TODAY for next years 8th Grade AAU Division 1 National Championships.


Brevard Elite 6th Grade is the 3rd Place finishers in the YBOA National Boys Basketball Championships. A huge Congratulations goes out to the Team and Coach Stewart for such a tremendous accomplishment.

This organization continues to be blessed by the rewards of hard work, determination, and the achievements bestowed upon these fine young men, coaches, and parents. Summer is the National Level Championship portion of the youth basketball season and 6th Grade/12U continues to get it done! Next stop… AAU National Championships in Hampton, Virginia July 12-18th.

Brevard Elite Basketball continues to bring the limelight upon Brevard County in these major events which featured teams from all over the nation including international teams, who traveled far to play for the YBOA National Championship.

To play basketball at such a competitive level and to finish in the top 25, much less the top 5 comes with a level of commitment both on the court and in their personal lives. These players put in countless hours of practice, traveling weekends to tournaments, and more importantly do all this on top of a full weekly schedule of school work.

These players are your neighbors, school mates, and more importantly representatives of your city, county, and state. While I congratulate these fine young men for their efforts and accomplishments from our organization…I hope you will take a moment to extend your hand, give a little dap or high five, and even give them a call to tell them “great job” or “good luck” at the AAU Nationals which they will travel to next. Brevard County…Brevard Elite Basketball’s 6th Grade team is your team! Go Elite!


3 really is the Charm! First it was the Tampa AAU Super Regional, then the Gold Coast AAU (Miami/Ft.Laud) Super Regional and now the Georgia Coastal AAU Super Regional in Jacksonville for a clean sweep! 7th Grade Brevard Elite Basketball has won the 2011 AAU Georgia Coastal “Coast 2 Coast” Super Regional Div 1 Championship.

You can’t say enough about a first year league which came together with an idea that Brevard County could produce top teams in Florida and contenders at the national level. A belief system that asks for everything , is laced with hard work and then venture into unfamiliar major markets, to compete heads up with big, long-standing basketball programs and takes from them their Super Regional Championships, their bid opportunities for Nationals, and leaving behind an impression that Brevard Elite expects to win.

Like each weekend before, great teams from South Carolina, Georgia, and North Florida rolled into Jacksonville for the final Georgia/Florida Super Regional Championship and the last opportunity to earn a bid right before the National Championships in Memphis, Tennessee two weeks from now. Yet at 4pm on Sunday, only 2 teams were left standing for the 7th Div 1 Championship. At the end…it was Brevard Elite Basketball who was victorious 69-64.

Additionally, 3rd Grade Brevard Elite Team who competed up in the 4th Grade Division 1 Pool was almost just as impressive. Losing to the Tournament Champions from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and in the Semi-Finals by 1, just missing the Championship Game. The heart and determination by this team playing up in a older Division 1 group and having won games leading the Semi-Finals was incredible, but also truly moving was; they were emotional, upset, teary eyed, thinking/believing they should have won! That is heart. To both teams..Congratulations and Go Elite!

6th Grade 2011 YBOA State Basketball Champions!

Posted by Bill Mobley at Jun 6, 2011 1:37PM PDT

Ft. Myers, Florida was the site this past weekend of the Youth Basketball of America (YBOA) State of Florida Championships. The Brevard Elite 6th Grade Team has been on a roll and met with some familiar old foes and some new teams all coming to claim the big prize…The 2011 State of Florida Championship!

Brevard Elite’s 6th Grade Team jumped off to a crushing start eliminating teams with 20+ point margins of victory before reaching the quarter finals where things tightened up a bit and the games became battles.

Coach Stu and the 6th Grade Team reached the finals Sunday afternoon with only one objective and that was to return to Brevard County with a State Championship. The final score 52-44 and the Brevard Elite 6th Grade Team is the new 2011 YBOA State Basketball Champions.

“I can’t say enough about this team, Coach Stu and this incredible supporting parent cast, which has set the pace all year with multiple victories in various sanctioned events and championships. We are so proud of this team and respect what they have accomplished – Bill Mobley, Director, Brevard Elite” Go Elite!