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Doc Rivers Elite Hero! (see "Videos")

Posted by Bill Mobley at Mar 6, 2011 1:33PM PST

I can’t say enough about how Doc Rivers took the time to meet with our 7th Grade Elite Squad on Saturday Night. His words to the boys were encouraging and with knowledge only a Head Coach of the NBA Boston Celtics (and former Orlando Magic head coach) could deliver. Short and sweet…“work hard and this can be you.” But what these players saw was beyond the NBA hero this night, they met Doc Rivers..the parent.

You see we were invited to tag along by one of our own “The Keel family”, who we owe this great night of “thanks” too. Our own point guard Alexander Keel’s brother Austin is a star player for Winter Park High School along with Austin Rivers (top college recruit in country), and have played together since 9 years of age in AAU. A story of many years of hard work, traveling, parents who committed, and young men who will now go off to college with schlorships.

This night was one of the major highlights in their careers together…the Florida 6A High School Basketball State Championship! Winter Park won for the second straight year and our Brevard Elite squad was included just as if family in the crowd of proud WP parents. We were guided to front row seats by Mrs Keel, we met Doc Rivers, Mr. Keel introduced our players to a few other Big program coaches, and when the game ended and celebration began the Winter Park players (both Austin’s included) took time to high five the boys, and…gifted them with everything from shoes, shirts, arm sleeves, wristbands, and pictures opptys.

This was Winter Park’s night…we met allot of very nice people, but what I will always remember is how those parents and players, took time out of their night and celebration to make it a very special night for Brevard Elite! Thank You All! (Check Out The Video Clips on Brevard Elite TV)

Thank You...Local High School Stars & Coaches

Posted by Bill Mobley at Feb 13, 2011 9:28AM PST

Brevard Elite owes a great deal of "Thanks" to the local High School basketball players and coaches in our community. First the players…without your support we could not get the scrimmage games in we so desperately need to prepare for our upcoming tough 7th grade Division 1 AAU travel season. We would like to recognize them for their community support;
David Flowers – Darius World – Deonta Hearnes – Maurice Pugh – Jessie Capell – The RFM and McNair Boys who round out that crew!
Without you guys, the little "jits" wouldn’t get in the Hard Work they Need!

When setting out to compile a true Elite team you seek the best players from many areas throughout the county with a goal to build a team of the best players to represent Brevard County as a whole. Likewise, you are not always the favorite director with the other Travel Club Coaches who’s teams these players may be assembled from. Therefore, we will not always get the scrimmage games or invited to the tournaments by these other clubs.

So Secondly, I would like to "Thank Very Much", the High School, Middle School, and other Travel Club Coaches who’ve extended their support and interest in our program. As the Director, I am humbled by the community reach and I can’t wait for the All New Cocoa Expo Basketball Arena to be completed so I can return that support back to all the kids who benefit under these fine people and their programs.

January Practice Schedule -7th Grade

Posted by Bill Mobley at Jan 10, 2011 6:46PM PST

Tuesdays & Wednesdays 5:30p-7:30p
/ Saturdays 4:00p-6:30p

McNair Magnet Middle School
501 Rosa L. Jones Blvd.
Rockledge, FL 32955

First Workout - Outstanding!

Posted by Bill Mobley at Dec 24, 2010 7:08AM PST

Wednesday night left no doubt that this 7th Grade team has arrived and will compete strongly for national contention. To see talented players from all over Brevard county coming together is a blessing. Big’s dunking, shooters swishing those nets, and that defense…wow.

Can’t say enough about these boys and their character for putting aside talent ego’s, taking a abnormal leap of faith with criticisms, and yet stepping up to build a team of top players 12 strong where each player must be of "starter" caliber at every moment.

While we are just beginning and a few position slots remain for this team, I am proud to be a part of such an achievement by these young men, leaders in their community.

Get ready 4th & 5th graders you guys are next, right after the holidays!

Happy Holidays to All… See Ya Next Year!

Brevard Elite Coaches and Staff

7th Grade Team Meet & Greet...Great!

Posted by Bill Mobley at Dec 16, 2010 9:07AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Wednesday night’s first "Meet & Greet" with the 7th Grade Team was amazing. A combination of invited players from Brevard County squads and those who came seeking tryout information for available spots, rolled into the McNair gym leaving no doubt that a 7th grade team with national championship contention will be wearing Brevard Elite uniforms in 2011.

We are very proud of the young men who stepped up and came out. Many of them who were leaders and competitors from other organizations took big steps to furthering their own experience, skills, and potential by utilizing the Brevard Elite program. This is a decision to move forward and onward, that takes guts and shows leadership by young men, more importantly unbelievable spontaneous acceptance and sportsmanship exhibited anytime when mixing so many talents together into one team.

As coaches, we are fascinated by who and what we saw in our brief pick-up game/skills assessment. It was great way for the players to bond and glad to report we wrapped up early for everyone to get back to studies.

I would like to be the first one to congratulate and celebrate these young men, and welcome them once again to Brevard Elite Basketball. "Becoming the Best, to Play the Best"